China Textile City: Autumn knitted sweater fabric sales are more active

2020-02-25 10:04
Recently, there are relatively many types of knitted fabrics in the traditional market of China Textile City. There are relatively many types of flowers on the market. The sales of autumn knit sweater fabrics continue to show up, the products win new, and the fabrics add value to the road products. Upgrade, knitted fabrics have increased orders, and autumn sweater fabric sales are more active.
Jindi, Jinmian, cotton, T/C polyester/cotton knitwear, two-color sweater fabric, prismatic sweater cloth, sweater needle cloth, bamboo sweater layout department, small and medium-sized orders, some of the sales of the store increased, the price is basically stable The creative color pattern fabric is partially stable and small.
Autumn knit sweater fabrics, sportswear fabrics, partial orders increased, 30S cotton knit roman cloth, T/C polyester cotton 30S knit roman cloth thick-colored dyed sweater cloth rose red fabrics, the local transaction volume is large, the rose red strip interval Special black-striped and other yarn-dyed sliver fabrics are sold in large quantities in the bureaus and municipalities. Polyester semi-gloss FDY knit small jacquard double-sided sweater cloth, knit pit embossed double-layer double-sided sweater layout department increased orders, bleaching, this white jersey fabric shipment volume is large, to foreign trade clothing manufacturers processing clothing exports With the increase in demand in the international market, foreign trade clothing orders have increased, resulting in the popularity of such knitted fabrics. Autumn cotton wool sweater fabrics are popular locally, with 30S cotton cotton sweater fabrics, T/C polyester/cotton 32S cotton sweater fabrics, and the best-selling varieties of popular fabrics, purple, yellow, deep yellow, medium yellow, beige, light Lan, Hulan, Tehei, brown, deep coffee, bleaching and other color fabrics were sold locally, and some large-scale sales of bulk stores increased. Polyester semi-gloss FDY, matt FDY, DTY thin knit air layer fabrics are popular locally, and the red, orange, orange, special black, dark blue, deep red, purple, and brown parts are added.
Recently, in the large-scale operation of the first floor of the old market, the sales of the jewel-knitted Roman layout increased, with the N24%+R70%+6%SP viscous spandex elastic Roman layout, the order was increased to N/R30S, 40S, 50S. , 55S, 60S, 70S, 80S knit brocade Roman cloth door width 160CM, 300 g / square meter fabric partial small and medium batch delivery, the price is relatively strong. N/C cotton-knitted Roman fabric, T/R polyester-knitted knit Roman layout department in bulk delivery, knitted yarn-dyed color strip Roman layout department small and medium batch delivery. T/R polyester and sticky.
Small jacquard strips made of polyester FDY, semi-gloss FDY, DTY, POY as raw materials, small diamond-shaped double-sided sweater fabric, knitted jacquard strips double-sided sweater cloth bleaching, this white fabric fabric department department volume shipment increased Some large-scale sales outlets are shipped directly from dyeing factories. 21S, 30S cotton knit flat-jersey sweater and 21S, 30S polyester-cotton knit flat sweater fabric, knitted ribbed sweater layout, sales of brown, coffee, orange, dark yellow, special black, pink and other color fabrics increased .
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